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Does Auto Insurance Cover Mechanical Repairs?

When you have an automobile accident there is a high risk that some of the mechanical parts of your vehicle will be damaged by the impact.

So your first thought is likely to be: Does auto insurance cover mechanical repairs?

But, while your auto insurance will likely cover the cost of damage inflicted during an automobile accident (depending on the scope of your insurance and the nature of the accident) auto insurance will not cover repairs needed due to normal wear and tear.

So it is your responsibility to keep your vehicle in a roadworthy condition at all times.

Indeed, if your car has an accident due lack of proper maintenance – for example: badly worn tires – your insurance company could well deny your claim even though you have the appropriate cover that would automatically get your car repaired in normal circumstances.

You will undoubtedly have the bare minimum liability insurance required by your state, and that will cover any damage inflicted on the other driver’s car.

But liability insurance will only take care of repairing the other driver’s vehicle following a crash you’ve caused. It does not cover damages inflicted on your car and it won’t pay for remedial work on your engine.

If you want to be assured your own mechanical damage will be repaired, then you need to have collision coverage which will pay to have your own vehicle repaired following an accident.

Comprehensive cover will cover repair of your engine – if the damage is caused by vandalism, flooding, hail or some other force outside your control.

Most automobile accidents tend to involve the front of the vehicle which means the engine is at great risk for damage. And, provided you have the right cover, your insurer will probably cover the costs of minor damage to your engine, if it arose as the result of an accident.

In the case of more major – and costly – engine damage the insurance providers will decide to repair or total your car, depending on the total repair cost.  

In very many cases, such repairs may be more than what he vehicle is worth,  in which event the insurers will decide to ‘total’ your car by paying you a sum less than the cost of repair to finally settle the matter.

They might also agree that, in addition to the payment, you also keep the damaged remains of the car, in which case you could attempt repairs on a do it yourself basis, rather than try and buy another vehicle with the cash they gave you.

It’s always better to be wise before the event so, when buying collision and comprehensive insurance, consider carefully how old your car is and how much an insurance company valuation is likely to be.

This is a situation where the advice of an experienced auto insurance broker, like the ones on this page, will be invaluable when you buy the insurance.

That’s because these sorts of insurance cover might require you to end up paying more for repairs than the cost of another car.

If you want the peace of mind that flows from knowing if your car suffers a major breakdown, due to wear and tear rather than a collision, you’ll be pleased to know there is a form of insurance policy, called: ‘Mechanical Breakdown Insurance’ (MBI) to take care of this.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance will pay for repairing the vital parts of your car, such as brakes, transmission and engine.

Several insurers now provide MB insurance so investing in this can help the longevity of your car’s warranty considerably. Don’t forget to accurately calculate the total current value of your car prior to any MBI purchase or risk being saddled with a bigger deductible than the value of the vehicle.

Another idea is have the dealer you buy the car from sell you an extended warranty. This will often cover the engine and other vital mechanics for up to  one hundred thousand miles, providing you with great peace of mind because you are protected if the engine or other major mechanical part fails.  

You need an experienced auto insurance brokers to help you decide the best way to proceed.

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